Studio Snapshots | 8 Jester Stockings!!!!

Earlier this month I received orders for 8 of my Jester Stockings that I designed a few years ago (and were on the cover of Quilting Arts Gifts 2013/14):

8!!!! Yep, that’s a lot! Yes, I’m a bit freaked out because they need to be done before Christmas and I’ve got to do more than just work on them this week! Anyway, I started cutting them out yesterday: the nice thing about writing a pattern is that when you need to make the thing again, everything is nicely explained and illustrated TO you BY you! 🙂

The studio looks like a bomb went off in it (colorful, but chaotic):


GAH! My #CandyClausChristmasWorkshop looks like a bomb went off! #honestcraftroom

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But by the end of last night I had ALL the pieces for all 8 of them cut out:

The boys and I have to go Christmas shopping this morning for hubby, but then it’s back to the #CandyClausChristmasWorkshop for me! Wish me luck!!!!