Festival of Pie 2016

My goodness what a fabulous holiday we had. Hubby was away at a conference from the Thursday to Tuesday, so it was only Logan and I who went to pick up Liam at the airport on Saturday:


Logan, who is 4 years younger than Liam, is catching up to him!


We watched some movies, got the house picked up, and did lots of food shopping, and before you know it, the day before Thanksgiving had arrived and it was time to bake some pies, 9 to be exact! I print out all the recipes and figure out which pie pan to use with each:


I had a fun time sharing the pies as they came out of the oven on Instagram:


This year we had both some local friends and my Aunt, Uncle, 2 cousins and their spouses + Lucy, for a total of 19 people! It took 4 tables, but I was able to set a place for everyone:


Lucy was entranced by the daughters of Brad and Nicholle:



The dinner table was full of happy people with big appetites. Note: it’s hard to take a picture of 19 people around a table with everyone looking and smiling at the same time!


Lucy loved the cranberry sauce!


And everyone loved the pie!


The week flew by, soon Liam was back at the airport, with 6 turkey sandwiches in his luggage!


He’ll be back in under 3 weeks for Christmas though!