Some Fun and Useful Improv

Although I’ve got a big list of things to get done, I wasn’t ready to get started with anything on the list. Instead, I pulled out my scrap bin of my jewel tones hand dyed fabrics and just started sewing them together:


Before long, I had a piece big enough to become a dresser scarf sort of thing for Liam’s bureau; he has a habit of leaving glasses on top of it without a coaster, which has ended up in rings in the wood. Hubby did his best to make them disappear, but I’d like to not have anymore! I then made a little basket to hold his medications and vitamins, and voila:



I did some simple, walking foot quilting with an envelope style finish, then I quilted all the way around the outside at about 1/2″, I think it gives this a nice finished edge, it certainly was fast!


Now hopefully these attractive items will encourage glasses placed where they need to be, and keep the medicine bottles corralled!