Show Report | Art, for Heaven’s Sake 2016

Well, this year’s 3-day show Art, for Heaven’s Sake is done and dusted! I was able to get everything on my list made, and I made some small changes to my display that I think worked well! First, here are some big booth shots:

As you can see, I had 11 of my leather handled linen totes, and they took up a LOT of space on the bag portion of my hanging space, so I moved my cotton sateen clutches to a shelf on my center shelving:

At my open studio last December, I came up with a new way of showing off my simple ornaments, these are two pieces of styrofoam insulation wrapped in my hand dyed fabric with yellow yarn trees pinned to them:


Hubby made some arms that screwed to the back of the shelving unit and we screwed the styrofoam onto them, using a big washer so the styrofoam wouldn’t totally fall apart:



They’re a little out of the way, but I thought it would be perfect for families that had little girls who love my work but don’t have much of a budget. But I barely saw any kids at all at the show, so these got pretty much no attention, except from one of my awesome repeat customers who had a great time picking out several! Although this is a little early in the year for ornaments, I’ll bring these next year and see what happens.

I hung my mod house ornaments from the roof of the EZ-up, people love them like this!


The show starts Friday night with a reception from 7-10. I’ve got lots of lights so my booth is nice and bright:


There were lots of people at the reception, but sales were really slow. I’m not gonna lie, I went home Friday night pretty dejected. But Saturday dawned, and the weather was beautiful, I had time to shoot this quick video 10 minutes before it opened:


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The day started out slowly, but by noon, I had a steady stream of customers that didn’t really let up until 3:30 or 4, so sales totally made up for the slow Friday night! I also had brisk sales on Sunday from noon until 3, with a pretty slow end of the show. Overall, it was one of my most successful shows, so I’m quite happy!

What sold the most were my Indigo Dyed Scarves:


my Tiger Lily silk scarves:


And my Zip n’Go bags:



So I know what I need to be making next!!!! I’ve got some travelling to do in the next month, so my only other show this year will be my Open Studio the second weekend in December. But I’ve gotta keep the online shop stocked up too…there is NO rest for the WEARY! 😉