Studio Snapshots | A Wee Bit of Dyeing

With my big Fall Show, Art for Heaven’s Sake, under 5 weeks away (yikes!) I dyed some linen as I need more of my leather handled linen totes in my booth!

When I’m dyeing with indigo, those pieces of fabric often get shared on Instagram when they’re wet, because it’s so much fun (and easy) to share a “ta dah!” moment:


But that’s not the final product! Fabric always looks darker wet, and some of the indigo washes away during washout, so here are two large pieces of linen destined to become leather handled linen totes:


The striped piece in the picture up above came out much too stark, not at all what I was intending, so I refolded and reclamped and redyed it, and now I have a piece of indigo buffalo check pattern!


I usually don’t share pictures of individual pieces of fabric that I dye with Procion MX dyes, because there’s so much time for washing out between this step:


and the end step, but I thought I’d snap a quick picture of these pieces of linen dyed with my awesome Autumn Splendor color palette:


These colors, and this visual texture, have yet to become old and passe for me!


These are also destined to become  leather handled linen totes! I also dyed a piece of quilting weight fabric


This is joining a pile of fabric that I’m going to turn into DVD baskets!