16 | My Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt is COMPLETE!!!!

Oh my goodness! My Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt is done and I LOVE it!!!!

Here are some initial pictures I shot, before washing. After washing and drying, where the cotton batting will shrink a bit, the quilt will be less stiff and have that “crinkly goodness” texture that I love. I’ll take more pictures and share those as well, but I couldn’t WAIT to post these.


I began planning this quilt in January, it’s been a long 7 months to the final result. BUT! I had lots of planning to think about, and fabric to dye along the way. I made some smaller pillows, and a baby quilt, both these projects help me try out quilting patterns that allowed me to figure out they wouldn’t work for the big quilt! This bigger pillow allowed me to test the final pattern.


My research on the Swiss Cross pattern led me to these original Swiss Army wool blankets that inspired the back of the quilt:


I absolutely love that I included 2 grey crosses:


I can’t wait to sleep under this!!!! (Also paint my bedroom, make new curtains, pillowcases and a new art quilt for above the bed, but that’s for another day……)