14 | Quilting on my Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt has Begun!!!

Oh my goodness, getting started was full of trials and tribulations! I’m going to be quilting this using my quilt as you go with no sashing method, adding 2 rows of crosses at a time, so after carefulling planning the layout, labelling the top of each quilt square with its position, and stitching each individual row together, I paired up and stitched all the rows together, I managed to stitch 3 of the four pairs together upside down!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! To double check that this would be a bad layout, I laid them all out on my bed


and confirmed that yes, this would not be a good layout! Here’s a closer look at the labels, see how the bottom row labels are upside down? Why I didn’t double check this each time I’ll NEVER KNOW!


Anyway, out came the rotary cutter, an awesome tool for bulk unsewing, and listened to four podcasts and got those rows unsewed.


I lay the strips back out on the bed to double check, and yes, this looks better!


I’ll admit that this was a big boost, seeing the whole thing laid out on it’s eventual destination!


I then layered the first 2 strips with batting and backing:


and started quilting!



By the end of Sunday I’d finished the first set of rows:


Tuesday I added the next set of rows, here’s the back:


And by the end of Monday I’d made it this far:


So much more to go, it gets a bit overwhelming…but then I look at what I’ve already done:


And acknowledge that it’s gonna be awesome when it’s done, so I’ve just got to GET GOING AND DO IT! 😉