August Goals Check-in

<<<Insert wailing about summer being almost over here>>>

Ok, now that’s over, let’s see how I’m doing on my goals!

August Goals

 Dye custom scarves for fused glass artists  August 5 100%
 Dye custom dresses for Rox  August 5 100%
Swiss Cross Pillow August 15 100%
New quilt for our bed! August 15 65%
New curtain for dining room September 1 0%
Stool cover for Mary September 1 0%
Baskets for Julie September 1 0%
Move website to new hosting and re-design September 1 10%
3 more Indigo Leather Handled Linen Totes October 15 0%
3 more Autumn Splendor Leather Handled Linen Totes  October 15 0%
Re-do Laundry room September 1 90%
Calendar email to students September 1 0%
Pillows for Morris Chair – on hold Backburner-ish 0%
New curtains for our bedroom! Backburner-ish 0%
Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes back burner 0%
Mod House Quilt back burner 5%

I got the custom dyeing completed, and that Swiss Cross Pillow I added helped me finally decide upon a quilting pattern for my queen size Scrappy Swiss Cross quilt, and I’ve started that behemoth!


I’m occasionally helping hubby with the paint the outside trim project, but he’s my hero and has been doing most of the work. I’ve got to get Liam packed up this week, and then he and I head to Nashville this weekend to get him set up for sophomore year at Vanderbilt! And as soon as I come back, we’re getting new energy efficient windows in our house!!! I am so excited for this to happen, a government funded program called HERO is making this possible. So this means our house will be full of holes for a day, LOL. I’ll be washing all the curtains that day, and I’ve really got to make a new one for the dining room window! August, keep on chugging along and I’ll try to keep up!