Studio Snapshots | More Work on More Improv Indigo Art Quilts

Well, it’s down to the wire! A nice article about my upcoming featured artist exhibition at the Redlands Art Association came out in the local paper yesterday. I’ve spent a day and a half working on this larger art quilt that started like this:


(Those dash dot patterns are morse code and spell out, you guessed it, “Mood Indigo”!)

I got to this point the first day:


I was kind of stuck on that bottom right corner, but after 30 seconds of staring the next morning, I figured out a way to break up those bottom panels:


And by noon, the top was complete!


While cleaning up the heaps of fabric everywhere so I could have more room to layer, quilt and trim this quilt, I came up with 3 more ideas of things to make!


And by late yesterday afternoon I was quilting one of those ideas:


Lots to do, but it’s getting done!!!!