Studio Snapshot | Work on the Small Improv Indigo Quilts

In between cooking for a friend whose husband has had neck surgery and a pre-Pokorny Seminar dinner party, I’ve been chipping away at some¬†small improvisational Indigo art quilts, I’ve got to hang my featured artist corner at the RAA a week from Saturday! After I had pieced 11 of them, I noticed that I was running out of the lighter shades of indigo linen, and I needed a big piece to use for facings, so I dyed some solids lickety split:


That’s one of the nice things about Indigo dyeing; if you don’t have to fold, wrap, twist and clamp, the process can be quite quick! I started dipping before lunch the other day, and I was pulling this stack out of the dryer by dinner time!


Yesterday about lunch time all the little quilts had been quilted and free motion machine sketched:


and I’ve been facing like a maniac every since!