Fun Times with the Wandering Foot Quilt Guild

Last week I spent some time with a lovely guild in Arcadia, which is about an hour from Redlands, called the Wandering Foot Quilt Guild. I packed up a huge roll of wall quilts plus another big basket of larger quilts and smaller 3-d works:


and gave a lecture/trunk show Wednesday evening where I trace my pathway from traditional to art quilter. It was great to look out in the audience and see folks nodding in agreement at different parts of my story!




I had a great time visiting with lots of these ladies afterwards.

Saturday we had a workshop where I taught them my Quilt As You Go with No Sashing¬†method as they put together some service quilts that they’ll donate to a local hospital. Some of them did some straightline quilting with a walking foot, while others tried out some free motion quilting motifs I showed them. They made great progress on their quilts and we all had a great time: