April Goals Check-in

Oh my goodness, I’m holding a study session on Saturday, then both my finals at the UoR are Monday. After I grade the finals and attend a few important meetings, my friends I shall be DONE teaching at the day job until September! So close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been plotting, planning and scheming on the design of a new kind of tote bag, I showed a preview of where I’m going with that the other day. Hopefully I can get a few of those made for my May show. More importantly I’ve got a bunch of scarves to dye, but first! I’ve got an article to write and get out the door, I made a lot of progress on that today by making a bag and taking pictures along the way:


April Goals

Fiber Art Connection bonus lesson April 10  100%
Dyeing 104 session 10 April 13  100%
Modern Patchwork Gifts Article April 20  75%
Colla Voce Scarves April 25  0%
Re-do Laundry room April 30  90%
 New quilt for our bed! April 30  25%
Calendar email to students April 30  0%
Move website to new hosting and re-design April 30  0%
Run celebratory giveaway May 9  0%
Refill Scarves for Show in May  May 7  0%
New Linen Totes!  May 7  0%
New curtains for our bedroom! Backburner-ish  0%
Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes back burner  0%
Mod House Quilt back burner  5%

Also, hubby got the hooks up in the laundry room:
The hooks are up in the laundry room!

All that’s left is the fussiest bit, the shelf for over the washer and dryer, so I won’t hold my breath on that, but it sure is a nicer place to fold laundry!