Early Bird Registration for Dyeing 104: Multicolor Silk Ends Soon!

Dyeing-104-Multicolor-SilkIt’s taken a lot longer than I thought to build my latest, and most epic, online dyeing class Dyeing 104 Multicolor Silk, but it’s just about done!!!! I completely underestimated how my time and mental energy it was going to take to send my oldest son off to college and adjust to life at home with just one teenager, but I’ve been able to slowly build a truly all inclusive guide to dyeing truly beautiful multicolor silk fabric and scarves, using exactly the same chemicals & dyes that I use dyeing cotton.

We cover both exploring color theory to create new multicolor palettes and I share the “secret recipes” for 22 of my most favorite multicolor palettes that I’ve used to dye and sell literally 1000s of scarves! I’ve spent over 18 years perfecting my low water immersion dyeing techniques to create stunning pieces of multicolor fabric…and although each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, my methods allow me to mix the same colors over and over again, and I can manipulate the fabric in a certain manner and predict what it’s going to look like with accuracy. Now, I am ready to share these methods with other lovers of color so they too can create glorious, multicolor silk with intention!

This class is packed with details! There are over 11 hours of video and 171 pages of downloadable PDF’s, along with a 10 helpful excel spreadsheets. Because access to my classes never expire, once you enroll, you can take your time making your way through the class. As I build the class folks can sign on and keep me company and get a huge 30% discount! But now that the class is all but finished that discount is going to expire at the end of the month.

I’ve you’ve ever wanted to learn how to dye silk, I’d love for you to join us. Here are the palettes you’ll learn how to create:

If this picture isn’t big enough, you can see larger ones over at Flickr (click on each small pic, it’s linked :

Large Horizontal Silk Palette Collage
Large Horizontal Silk Palette Collage


Large Vertical Palette Collage
Large Vertical Palette Collage
Oh my, if that isn’t a glorious bit of color, I don’t know what is! Not only do I teach you how to dye all of those palettes, I also give you lots of prompts and examples of how you can create new color palettes that are your very own!

This page tells you all about the course, and has a “register now” button for purchase. Because you were one of the folks that wanted to hear about this course as soon as it was ready, I wanted to offer you a special discount. If you use the coupon code “WORM” (because you’re an “early bird”, get it??), you’ll be able to purchase the class for 30% off, or $69 instead of the regular $99.

Folks have been registering and taking the class as I build it, here are what some of them have written to tell me how they’re enjoying the class:

  • As I have told you before – you do a great job at explaining, demonstrating and responding.  Very organized and thorough.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!
  • I love  your set up – for me the consistency is great – labels help and leave no guess work. Thank you for all the extra time and effort you have put into the course.
  • I have to say – I am REALLY impressed with you and your class.  I have taken many classes over the years on different subjects – but you are definitely the most organized and thorough.  Thank you! 
  • I can immediately see you are a gifted teacher- your planning, background preparation are evident in well presented materials.
  • Candy’s classes are wonderful. I use to spend hundreds of dollars to buy fabrics that I can now dye myself and even sell for some extra cash. Her instructions are foolproof and she is a hoot!

There are over 11 hours of video and 171 pages of downloadable PDF’s, along with a 10 helpful excel spreadsheets in the class.This is a self-paced course with no expiration date, so you can fit the dyeing in when it’s convenient for you!

If you’re thinking about taking the class, I urge you to consider enrolling now so you can save 30%, because this early bird coupon will expires at the end of the month!