Update | My Laundry Room Re-do

Well, I spent most of Spring Break working on my Laundry room!

Highlights included emptying the cabinets and stacking everything precariously in the garage:

Stripping wallpaper that was used for shelf paper (WHY???):

Swatching for the perfect grey:

(Neither of those were the winners, Revere Pewter was the winner!)

Painting the woodwork, both inside and out, took FOREVER! But now, phase 1 is done!


Taking pix of this room is tough, the light is crazy. The grey on the wall above the washer dryer is the best representation of it. Hubby is building me a shelf to go over them, hiding all that plumbing, and giving me reachable storage space. My new dryer requires these machines to be pushed so far away from the wall that I really can’t reach into those cupboards – this is the reason this whole project has been on the “fast track”, it drives me crazy that I have to get a step stool or a son with long arms every time I need a clean rag!

We have a lot of small bar¬†pull type hardware from way back; when we first moved into our house we swapped out the really 80’s handles in the kitchen for the more modern pull. When we re-did the kitchen a couple years ago, we chose the same type of bar pull but longer and proportional to the cabinets, and saved all the old hardware. So I thought why not add them to the cabinets?



We got a cool new light from Lowe’s, a great improvement over the builder grade 3 bubbles light that was there:


Here’s a dark pic that gives you a better look at the light. I’m going to dye some linen that turquoise color from the stained glass and make a valence for the window:


I did have to buy 2 longer pulls for those long cabinet doors, the short ones looked kind of silly on those huge doors.

Now I’m waiting a few days for the paint to cure before loading up the cabinets again. Hubby’s working on a peg rail for both walls and the shelf, and I’ve got to make the valence. THen I’ll drag out the big camera and tripod and see if I can get better pictures. But the hard work is over, HOORAY!