Getting Prepped for Gift Making!

Oh my goodness, there’s so much going on behind the scenes right now! My online shop is JUST about ready to go, Mary and I have been hard at work on it!

I’m also taking part in a completely new kind of online class – The Fiber Art Connection!

fiber art connection

I’ve joined with a group of really talented fiber artists to offer a series of one week classes, all tied together in an interactive way. I’ll be offering a class on free motion quilting called “Free Motion Quilting: Themes & Variations”.

Whether you’re just starting Free Motion Quilting, or looking to up your FMQ game, this class is filled with helpful hints for YOU!

fmq pages

In this class, I’ll cover all the basics of getting your domestic sewing machine and work area set up for free motion quilting. Then each day I’ll introduce a new FMQ pattern motif, and then give your exercises and examples of how to expand upon that motif. Because it helps to have a record of your FMQ motifs in one place, rather than a huge pile of practice sandwiches jammed in a big plastic bin, I’ll be teaching you how to make a FMQ sampler book that will help you keep track of future FMQ inspiration in a controlled manner!

Registration starts soon, but the classes start in January, stay tuned for more info!

Quilting Daily has re-published my little article on how to stay organized when making multiple gifts.


Although I’m not making convertible totes like I used in the article illustrations, I’m doing something similar right now with some Zip and Gos, as I’ve got a show next weekend!


If you’re looking to start making gifts for the upcoming holidays, these hints may be helpful!

And speaking of gifts, my E-book Create Handmade Gifts for All is on sale right now!

Handmade Gifts

It’s got 18 patterns of my patterns, many of which would make an awesome gift for someone! Check them out!

Phew! That’s it for no!