Studio Snapshots | Indigo Dyeing Scarves

Well, it’s back to the day job for me! Labor Day was spent last minute prepping for my classes I teach at the University. I had folded some scarf blanks earlier on the long weekend, but needed to revitalize my indigo dyepot so the folded scarves were languishing. By the time my class stuff was ready to go it was already dark out, but darned if I wasn’t going to get those scarves dyed. I literally dipped them in the dark…we’ve got patio lights, but I like to do my indigo dipping on the (very sad, brown) grass so that any drips break down in the soil.

I hung the scarves up in the dark with not a lot of idea of what they looked like! I was able to shoot these pictures quickly the next morning before I headed off to the university:




That hexagon one 3 from the right in the bottom picture is my favorite. The smaller pieces are linen I’m dyeing for a pillow. I’m not 100% in love with all of these, but I’m on my way to figuring out what I like in indigo dyeing, what I don’t, and what I can change and what I have to surrender to!