Indigo Dyeing with Piano Camp Kids

I’m teaching a art in music class at Piano Camp this week. These student piano players have come for a week of all sorts of music related activities, and then one “other” type of class. My 12 kids are getting 3 days of dyeing with me, then a day of beading and another day of scrapbooking with my friend Liz. Yesterday we quickly showed them how indigo dyeing works and I showed them some different pattern techniques. I asked them to choose a musical phrase from a favorite piece of music and try to represent the rhythm of that phrase in the rhythm they created by folding and clamping or tying. We only had an hour, so it was fast and furious; Liz snapped a couple of shots during the event:

indigo dyeing with kids 1

indigo dyeing with kids 3

indigo dyeing with kids 2

I’m totally gobsmacked with how awesome this patterning is:

indigo dyeing with kids 4

And here’s everybody the next day with their bandanas all washed and dried:


Everyone was happy with the results, and ready to dye with more color!