1 | Brick Pizza Oven version 2.0

While I’m working on building Dyeing 104, hubby has a summer project: building a bigger, better pizza oven! 4 years ago he built his first pizza oven on our back patio and it has served us well! Here it is when he first built it:


Unfotunately, we didn’t dry the clay slow enough, so it cracked. The crack has been growing bigger and it’s probably going to fall apart soon. Here’s a couple of pix I found that shows the crack (I’m blogging at night thus can’t go outside and get a new picture!)



So, I thought I’d chronicle his efforts on building a new oven here!

It starts with him digging up a vegetable garden where veggies don’t grow very well due to shading from our neighbor’s tree:

Hubby is starting to dig the foundation for our new, improved, brick pizza oven! #BrickPizzaOven2.0

Then he built a form from pressure treated wood:


and placed the form in the hole. Hah! Easier to say, not easy to do, that took a lot of work!

Setting the form in the hole for the concrete pad: It's work to make that sucker level! #BrickPizzaOven2.0

He’ll pour concrete in the form, this will be the base of the oven. I’ll post updates every now and then to chronicle this work for myself, but also in case YOU are interested in building your own pizza oven!