Happy Independence Day!

I thought I’d share this video of NYO-USA’s performance of “America the Beautiful” at Carnegie Hall last summer:

Liam had a great experience with NYO-USA last summer, we’re so glad there are recordings like this so we can remember that awesome concert tour!

Here in Redlands, we had another fabulous week of music with the 8th Pokorny Low Brass Festival. Yesterday was their final day, and we had the faculty over to the house for a cookout. Andrew threw a pork butt in the smoker early in the morning and I spent the day working on side dishes:


We had a fabulous evening just eating and talking and laughing over funny recordings on YouTube:


And of course, I made a cheesecake!


This is a 1.5 times recipe of my classic “New York” style cheesecake. If you’d like the recipe, I’ve typed up both the single recipe that makes a 9″ round:


or 24 mini cheesecakes:


blackberry cheesecake 2

as well as the 1.5 version to make this 9″ x 11″ cheesecake! Download it here and enjoy!