June Goals Update

June Goals

Well, knock on wood, the website gremlins are banished! It took a couple of days to get everything straightened out, but I do believe it’s fixed! I’m going to re-vamp my website this summer, but now it will be on MY timetable, along with the time table of the every awesome Mary!

Banish Website Gremlins June 10 100%
Finish the next mystery project July 1 50%
7 tees for Julie and Mr. Pena June 20 0%
Get ready to LAUNCH Dyeing 104 July 1 5%
calendar email to students July 1 0%
 Baby quilts and basket for Jess and Jim’s baby  June 13 95%
Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video June 1 0%
Mod House Quilt June 1 5%

Last week was mostly about Liam’s graduation and graduation party! We had a nice little party on Saturday with lots of great food:

Caprese skewers
Homemade Potato Chips with Blue Cheese
Orange fennel salad
Lots of veggie antipasta
Mini blackberry cheesecake
Graduation cupcakes – Susan Brubaker Knapp made these for her daughter the day before and I knew I had to make them!

I totally forgot to take pix during the party, but it was a nice event! Now, I can start to focus on getting my Silk Dyeing class up and running!!!