Sale on All My Interweave Products!!

Wahoo!!! I just found out you can save 40% on lots of things at the Interweave Store this weekend, INCLUDING my Quilting Arts workshops and my E-book!!!
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Free Motion Machine Sketching: Drawing with Thread from Birds to Botanicals


“Free-Motion Machine Sketching” is a 74 minute DVD, filmed on the set of Quilting Arts TV. In it, I teach you how to Free-Motion Machine Sketch lots of my favorite motifs, show you how I came up with those motifs so that you can design your own, and show you how to create fabric sketchbooks to try out new color palettes and record your early free-motion machine sketches!

You’ll love this DVD workshop if:

  • You enjoy machine quilting
  • You are interested in learning new ways to experiment with your sewing machine
  • You love creating art quilts

Free-motion machine sketching is a combination of thread sketching and machine quilting that results in charming drawings and motifs on fabric. I developed this technique after much experimentation, and have taught many quilters how to look at their sewing machine as a tool for drawing and sketching. Find it on the Interweave shop as either a DVD or a download 

Dyeing to Stitch: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Colorful Fabric Art


“Dyeing to Stitch” is a 70 minute DVD, filmed on the set of Quilting Arts TV. In it, I take you through my artistic process, beginning to end, and share lots of tips, tricks and some secret recipes. The workshop focusses around my Jewel Tone Palette of hand dyed fabric>

I start by showing how I mix my dyes and dye single hue fabrics; the recipes for all 6 of the jewel tones are included on the DVD. Next, I illustrate 6 different ways to dye multicolor fabrics. I then talk about color theory, show how I use my “Candiotic Table of Elemental Color”,  and walk you through the choices I made to find the perfect chartreuse.

Finally I demonstrate my “free motion machine sketching”and the ways I work with fabric so that everything I do reflects the uniqueness of things that I make.Find it on the Interweave shop as either a  DVD or a download.

E-book: Create Handmade Gifts for All

Handmade Gifts


18 of my patterns that have been published in different Quilting Arts Magazines over the years are all together in one handy E-book! It’s called “Create Handmade Gifts for All” and is available to purchase right now on the Interweave Store.

Remember to use the code FFSUMMER40 at checkout to save 40%!