Show Report | Art in the Park 2015

This year’s Art in the Park was quite cold! It was overcast the whole weekend, and it barely got above 70 the second day, and I don’t know if it even got there the first day; quite bizarre, considering the weather usually this time of year gets up into the 90s at least! I don’t know if it effected tolks coming to the show – there was quite a lot of foot traffic most of the time. BUT, not a lot of buyers; my sales were about half of what I did last year, and other artists I talked to also had less sales. 🙁 Oh well, at least we weren’t sweating and worrying about heat stroke while we weren’t selling things! At least I was right between my good friends Liz and Adele, and I was happy to have my new signs, that finally have my tagline that I changed umpteen years ago!




The clutches were popular – I sold 4, 3 of the Wisteria palette, and one of the Bing Cherry palette, so purple was the preferred color!


Then the rest of the sales were made up of scarves.