Studio Snapshots | Mama Needs a New Bag!

Although I love designing my own bags, I appreciate the work that goes into a well designed pattern and Erin Erickson’s Take Off Tote is perfect for my trip to Chicago with Liam this weekend because it has a really cool sleeve that will hold it on the handle of my rolling bag.

I used some linen dyed in the teal, purple, and gold of my Autumn Splendor palette:

Mama needs a new bag! All the pieces for a #takeofftote (pattern by @dogundermydesk ) cut and interfaced! #fbp

I stitched an iris on the front of the pocket:

Iris on my #takeofftote front pocket! #fbp

Here are the front and back of the outside assembled:

takeoff tote progress

And the zipper across the top:



Progress on my #takeofftote #MamaNeedsANewBag #fbp

I can’t wait to see it finished!