March Goals Check-in

Last week was pretty much lost to sickness, but lets see what I WANTED to get done and see what’s still possible:

March Goals

2 Custom tonal stoles March 3 100%
Custom smaller wisteria scarf March 7 100%
Private FMQ lesson March 18 100%
Quilting Arts Holiday submission March 27 0%
Finish the next mystery project March 15 50%
Baby layettes! Need 2! March 31 90%
Teach FMQ are Redlands Sewing Center March 17 100%
 Linen pillows for new chaise March 31 0%
Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video March 31 0%
Mod House Quilt March 31 5%
calendar email to students March 31 0%
Get started on Dyeing 104 March 31 0%
Dye Scarves for shows May 1 0%
Sateen Clutches for shows May 1 0%

I did get some FMQ teaching done…we had a great class this month! I totally forgot to take any pix though, boo! I also gave a private lesson to someone on their awesome Tiara, a sit down long-arm, another successful evening!

I also had 3 custom scarves to dye, those got done. I’ve also dyed 2 baby layettes, I’m just waiting for my a new washing machine to be delivered (mine broke 2 weeks ago, I am SO glad I got the extended warranty!) so I can do a final hot washout on that. Using my custom dye sink for these was awesome!

I’ve had at least one project in Quilting Arts Holiday issue for the past 4 years, but I’d decided that I had too much on my plate this year to submit something….but then, they extended the deadline, so….I am thinking about submitting something. I know, this delays the other stuff I want to do, I made the decision to not submit so many projects for magazines, but I hate to break my Gifts streak. I’ll see what happens with that this weekend!

I also had a fabulous visit from one of my friends from my old quilt guild in Ohio, Kathy, and her friend Eva (on the left), whom Kathy is visiting in LA:


They both bought some scarves, including  the 2 they are wearing, which both look FABULOUS on them!

Outside we’ve got oranges:


and Meyer Lemons blooming:


Between those and the Jasmine all over town, it smells incredible around here! I am so glad my nose has cleared up enough for me to smell it!

We had a glorious rain last night, some of my roses have started to bloom and got all washed off:

All fresh and clean from the rain last night! #fbp

Somebody has been stealing my almost ripe strawberries…

Behold the strawberry thief! Argh#

Yep, it’s SPRING!