First Rose of Spring, the 2015 Edition

It wasn’t that long ago that I posted a picture of my last rose of Winter; January 31st to be exact! Although the bulk of the country is being hit by horribly cold, snow-filled weather, here in So Cal it looks like Spring! Hubby spent  few weekends pruning back all the roses in our central rose garden, and those plants have new leaves on them, but we also have a beautiful Lady Banks rose which is a climber and only blooms once a year. He will prune this later in the year, and not all the way back to a few stubs like he does the rose bushes, but instead just enough to keep it from taking over our house and the neighbor’s backyard! It’s located in the corner of our front yard, so it’s taken me a few days to remember the blooms that are blooming when there’s time to stop and snap a picture, so there’s actually quite a lot of them blooming already:


Ah they are lovely! I do wish we could have a couple more cool months with rain, rain, rain that we need so deperately, but this is what life is like in Redlands today!