Studio Snapshots | Pine Forest Fabric Palette

After sending hubby and Liam off to Chicago on Friday, Logan and I had nothing much to do over the weekend… until an order for some Pine Forest fabric showed up in my inbox early Saturday morning. It was a glorious day for dyeing, so I got off my duff and had some fabric dyeing in the sun by noon Saturday:

I had to dye some fabric for a customer, now I'm headed toward the computer to start inventory etc. for taxes! Ugh! But if I get it done before 2/15 we can file the FAFSA with them and not have to worry about updating later, that's motivation!

And by Sunday late afternoon, it was all ironed and ready to go:


And while it was batching, washing, soaking and drying I did inventory and my schedule C for taxes! And picked up my guys from the airport! A very productive weekend indeed!