Meetup | November Goals

November! Such an awesome month! The weather cools down, it even rained today, we get an extra hour of sleep, my birthday is 10 days a way, and at the end of the month is the Festival of Pie!

October Goals

Sateen clutches for Fall Shows October 15 100%
Mail out giveaway Prizes October 15 100%
Work on Book February 20! 30%
Art for Heaven’s Sake! October 17-19 100%
Teach FMMS at Redalnds Sewing Center October 21 100%
calendar email to students October 31 100%
Custom Tablet cover for Valerie ?? 50%



is a box full of stuff for my publisher! I’ve got lots more to do, but it was great to get this out of my studio and on its way to where it belongs!

November Goals

More sateen clutches for Fall Shows November 15 0%
Work on Book February 20! 30%
Red Dirt Art Festival November 15 0%
Teach FMQ at Redalnds Sewing Center November 18 66%
calendar email to students November 30 0%
Custom Tablet cover for Valerie ?? 50%

I’m hoping I can find some time to make some more of my sateen clutches that were so popular at my last show, but I’ve got to spend most of my time working on, you guessed it,  the book! 🙂