September Goals Check-in

The opening of this school year has been BRUTAL! Adding on the additional duties I have this year with committee/faculty senate duties and it’s been crazy busy! Add to that writing up all the posts and trying to spread the word on social media for my blog hop and woo nellie!!!

September Goals

Sateen clutches for Fall Shows October 15 20%
Work on Book February 20! 12%
Run Handmade Gifts Blog Hop Sept 30 80%
New iPad cover for me with stylus pocket Sept 16 0%
calendar email to students Sept 30 0%
New Quilts for boys August 31 65%
Custom Tablet cover for Valerie ?? 50%

I have been able to work on the book some, oh it’s torture to make something and not be able to show anyone but hubby! I find myself hunting him down, usually out in the garage, to show him something and talk through where I should go with it!

I did get to dye some cotton sateen for the clutches I want to make for my Fall Shows:


Here’s to another week!