Studio Snapshots | Working on Some Feather Pillows

I’m making a set of pillows for my cousin Jess and her Hubby  Jim. They really liked the pillows I made for my couch, but wanted 2 more for a bench in their living room. We picked out general colors for me to use in all the pillows, but when it came time for me to make them, I was a bit overwhelmed with the choices. So, I worked up a few options for both myself and them to visualize:


Once I sent these pictures to them, it was easy for them to decide. Here’s what they wrote to me:

So we think both of the feather pillows should have a red main color. (And can we get the feather patterns to be the same on each pillow? We like the ‘opposite’ configuration, versus the ‘standing next to each other’ configuration.) (As seen in the upper right hand corner of option 3)

The two pillows for the workbench would be amazing with a blue main color. (As seen in option 3)

And the mosaic piece let’s do as a chartreuse main color. (As seen in option 3.)

So I sent them this final mockup:


and got an enthusiastic thumbs up! So I started with the 2 feather pillows using the feather pattern by Anna Maria Horner. They are the fussiest to make (kudos to people who make an entire quilt), so once these 2 are pieced, the other 3 will be easier to make.

I started by making some striped pieces:

Then I cut out several feather sides:

Then I chose sides to make 2 pairs of feathers that worked well together:

By the end of the day, I had the 2 fronts pieced:



The toughest part of this project is over, hooray!