Studio Snapshot | Mod House Pillows

I finally had time to work on making to lumbar pillows for the 2 chairs in my family room! I got really stuck with what to do for awhile, here are the pillows that are on the couch opposite the chairs:


The pillows for the chairs are smaller (12″ x 18″) than those up above (18″ square and 14″ x 20″) so I thought I’d go for larger blocks of color. Then I decided to recreate a couple of my mod houses in 2-d instead of 3-d!

Here’s some peeks at how I worked on them (sorry if the color is off in some of them, these are just quick phone pix at different hours of the day over 2 days). I first blocked out the colors:


then stitched up the windows:


Next I added the roof and background:


and started quilting. This was another tough decision, the easiest things to decide were the smaller details (door, windows and roofs):


Then I decided to quilt a wood-ish wavy line pattern on the house:


The toughest decision was the background. I kept wavering between pebbles across the bottom and then horizontal lines up the rest of the background, or overall mod squares. I ultimately chose the overall mod squares because frankly those were going to be faster and I wanted these DONE ALREADY! 🙂


I’m not totally sold on the overall mod squares, because it gives these houses a floating in the air sort of feeling….

I’ll show you tomorrow how these turned out!