Fun Day with the Pass Patchers

Well, this week has just disappeared. I spent all Tuesday digging out some really old quilts, looking for pictures of even more, and putting together for my lecture/trunk show to the Pass Patchers Quilt Guild in Beaumont, CA. The title of my talk was “My Journey from Traditional to Art Quilter” and it was really cool to tie the whole story together.  I spend so much time looking ahead that it gave me some incredible perspective to look back and see where I’ve been, and how my artistic style has developed!

The guild meets in a HUGE room in the Beaumont Community Center. As I arrived many folks were already setting up tables for their respecitive projects:



I climbed up on the stage to snap a couple of pictures. Later on most of those seats were full!

Here’s where I stood for my presentation:


2 lovely helpers kindly held up each quilt as I was talking about it. I got lots of great feedback from the Patchers afterward, so I believe the talk was a success!