Studio Snapshots | Working with Plaid

Well, I got started on Mary’s bag! I’m using Erin Erickson’s 2 Zip Hipster pattern; although I usually just cut out all the rectangles with a ruler/quilter’s square. But for this bag I’m using a wool tartan that Mary bought in Scotland, so I used the pattern pieces Erin provides, and after way too much thought decided to use the white line of the tartan and line it up down the center of the pattern pieces:

I then made sure to label the top each of the plaid pieces to make sure they don’t get turned upside down:

I then cut out the rest of the pieces, blue and grey hand dyed fabric, then interfacing and fusible fleece:

After the fusing, I’ve got a neat little pile:

fused bag pieces

and I’m ready to start stitching!