I need a LIST!

I’ve been so incredibly busy this month, actually this entire Fall, and now with the last travelling and show out of the way, this week has spread out in front of me with possibility! One huge exciting thing: my new couch arrived! This is the last BIG piece in the Kitchen/Family room renovation we did this summer. Changing the color scheme to grey, our old big brown couch was messing up the plan! Here it is, (its the Cameron Apartment size sofa from Crate & Barrel)

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(It looks a little brown here, that’s from the Instagram filter). Stirling of course had to approve of the couch:

Stirling breaks in the new couch


I finally made the blue linen valences that I had dyed the fabric for this summer:

new couch

and now I can’t wait to make a couple of pillows. I literally could not have it sit there without a pillow, so I pulled one from the front room. But it’s not the right color palette so I’ve got to get ON THAT! :-)!

But I really feel that I’ve got to take stock of what I’ve got to do, and realized that I hadn’t done a November Goals post! SO obviously I’ve got to start with that!

October Goals

Pix of Samples for FMQ class September 30 50%
Convertible Totes for Fall Shows October 15 100%
Fill up scarf stock October 15 100%
New signs for booth October 15 100%
Autumn Splendor mini botanical sketches October 15 100%
Prep kits for Phone Case class November 5 100%

I was very realistic in what I could get done, so it’s nice to be able to cross almost everything else. Now, I’ve got to balance sewing stuff for my family room with the special orders I took in the past couple weeks and, oh yes, and Christmas presents I have to make!

November/December Goals

Pillows for the couch November 24 0%
Pix of Samples for FMQ class up on website December 1 50%
Retro Ornament Art Quilt December 1 0%
Shirts for Mr Pena December 1 0%
Linen Basket for Vicki December 1 0%
Patio Class with Mena & Friends December 7 0%
Private Patio Class with Lynn December 9 0%
Fill up scarf stocks December 15 0%
2 zip hipster for Carrie December 15 0%
New Quilts for boys December 31 0%
Video tutorial for QAYG December 31 0%