June Goals Check-in

I’ve been working really hard here:

computer work

and am really close to launching Dyeing 100! Fingers crossed tomorrow is the day!

What else have I got going on?

June Goals

Samples for Free Motion Quilting Class June 3   90%
Quilts for FMQ class June 10   75%
Teaser page for online classes June 10   100%
Dyeing 100 – get it done! June 10   95%
Pattern and process pix for Hanging Baskets June 27   0%
Owls for Marnie June 30   0%
Launch Dyeing 103 June 30   0%
Start work on mystery proposal ???   0%

The last session for my first FMQ class is tomorrow and I didn’t end up making the sampler quilt I wanted to – but I had plenty of other examples, and have really enjoyed making the sampler book, so that will be enough for this class. I’ve got more classes lined up, so will keep this on the list for the next one!

I’ve also added another pattern deadline – my hanging baskets will be in Quilt Scene next Fall so I’ve got to write that up (and make another one taking process pix along the way) before the end of the month. Oh, and I need to make a set of yellow and grey owls for Marnie too!

And, to top it all off, a trip to Ikea to pick up a Fintorp rail to ship with my hanging baskets for magazine photography (instead of uninstalling mine off the wall) turned into a new project – spiffing up the wet bar, which is in the family room part of the kitchen/family room, like in the next week or so. We’re hosting a party for a bunch of International Double Reed Society board members late this month (a biiiiig conference hubby’s been working on for like 3 years is taking place at the University late this month) and somehow, since the actual kitchen reno doesn’t happen til he’s “on vacation” in July, we decided that at least adding better storage to the wet bar area would be helpful for this party. Sigh…no rest for the wicked!