February Goal Check-in

February – you are such a short month…and now you’re more than halfway over!

I’ve got a very  busy week and a half ahead, lets see where I am and what I think I can accomplish:

February Goals

Finish demo Easter baskets Feb 5 100%
25 Custom index card holders for Kathi Feb 15 40%
Baby Layette for Lillian Feb 21 0%
Teaser page for online classes Feb 28   0%
Start work on mystery proposal Feb 28   0%
Start working on Dyeing 100 Feb 28  0%
Work on Adele’s new site Feb 28 10%
Bag for Mary seriously! Make it so! Feb 28 10%
New slipcovers, curtains, pillows in the Living Room Feb 28 90%
QA Gifts Submissions March 15 0%
Taxes!!! April 15 0%
Prep for Summer classes at RSC May 1 10%

I have no idea how this list is going to fair…the submission date for Quilting Arts Gifts is a month earlier than it was last year, so I’ve got to get my head around that. Next weekend we’ll spend most of it on the road to and from Fresno for Liam’s All State concert. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on my proposal and do some serious thinking/dreaming about Dyeing 100 in the car. sigh…

The good news is that as soon as we return from Fresno, I’ve got a week of vacation – Spring Break is early at the UoR.

When I posted my February goals I posted what I THOUGHT was the last rose of summer – but I got 2 more lovely blooms this week. Andrew’s going to trim all the plants back tomorrow, so here are the real last roses of Summer 2012!



The weather has been getting much nicer, I love seeing this one turn its face to the sun: