Launched! Dyeing 102: Controlling Texture

I have been spending a HUGE amount of time on the computer, but it’s all worth it because registration is open for my new online class Dyeing 102: Controlling Texture!

In this class, we will cover controlling visual texture in fabric dyed with Procion MX fiber reactive dyes. From flat, solid, single hues to wild patterning, we will explore a myriad of ways (115 and counting!) to give our cloth the visual texture that we desire. My methods will mostly be LWI (low water immersion), as this is the method that I find to be most economical in terms of space needed to dye. However, I’ll cover full-immersion methods as well, so that the entire gamut of texture is covered in one place.

After covering the supplies and tools you’ll need, as well as where and how to set up a space for dyeing, we’ll investigate the many textures we can get while scrumbling fabric, the traditional low water immersion technique. Next, we’ll investigate how little texture can be achieved when dyeing fabric flat.

Sometimes you need a single color fabric that has no variations at all, and often times the only way to achieve that is will a full immersion bath. We’ll cover three different full immersion methods in this session. I’ll also have a bonus sidetrack for you: indigo! The main reason I’m including it here is that, unlike Procion MX dyebaths, a single indigo vat can last for weeks. So as we continue on with the class, we’ll be able to compare a each resist technique done LWI and full immersion easily. Of course, the full immersion samples will always be blue, but I thought it would be a fun, easy way to compare and contrast these two methods.

The second half of the class will be devote to patterning, dyeing . We’ll cover the organic, free form patterns we get from what I call “sliding pleats”. We’ll cover several physical resists, including tied, stitched, pole wrapped and folded with and without clamps. Finally, we’ll end by taking our dyeing vertical and investigate the unique visual textures created by dye going up and down!

This page  has lots of details about the course, and has an “add to cart” button for purchase. I am offering all my awesome blog readers an “early bird” discount. If you use the coupon code “WORM!” (get it??), you’ll be able to purchase the class for 30% off, or $69 instead of the regular $99.

The introduction and first 3 sessions are finished and posted. I plan to release a lesson every week until all 8 sessions are up, and they will remain there for your access until you have the time. This is a self-paced course with no expiration date, so you can fit the dyeing in when it’s convenient for you!

What does have an expiration date is the coupon code…it’s only good until July 15. So if you’re thinking about taking the class, I urge you to consider enrolling now so you can save 30%.

I’d love to have you in the course!