Work in Progress, and a Call for Makers

Just popping in to say I’m busy busy busy…thought I’d share what’s on the worktable right now:

Not very glamorous…that that’s how it goes sometimes!

A Call for Makers

I feel badly that I’ve not been paying much attention to my series “Makers Must”. I didn’t do a great job of keeping track of who I asked to be interviewed, and I don’t want it to be PITA for anyone. My intention was to shine the light on all sorts of interesting people who feel the need that I do…the need to MAKE. Whether its a pretty card, warm socks, a cuddly quilt or _____________ I know there’s all sorts of people who have fascinating processes, and I’d love to shine a light on them, and share them with the folks here on my blog (which has a not too shabby # of unique visitors every month).

So, if you’d like to be featured, well come on down, we can’t wait to see what you do! All you have to do is  send a photo or 2  of your favorite thing to make (bonus! A picture of you doing the making!) along with the answers to these questions, that would be great!

  1. Where are you located globally?
  2. Where are you found on-line?
  3. What is your favorite thing to make?
  4. When you’re making it:
    1. what do you love MOST about it?
    2. Is there some part that you really can’t stand?
  5. Do you consider yourself process or product oriented?

My email address is candy (at) candiedfabrics DOT com. And you don’t have to have a blog…in fact, those of you who are thinking about starting a blog, well this could let you dip your toes into the blog-o-sphere and see how warm the water is! I’d LOVE to have YOU tell us all about what YOU make (yes – YOU! right there in the chair, reading these words!) 😉

OK, I’m off to tackle those house pieces up there…can’t wait to see some Mod Houses in a different colorway!